Bell Throwing – How To Create A Treasure

We’ve been manufacturing and selling The Bell Collection by Jewelry John since early 1998. Our bells are made from Sterling Silver (we also make them o-n an individual basis in 14K gold). They are cast, constructed and finished independently with dealers treatment, providing maximum focus on every aspect from bail to clapper. The complete Bell Collection is stated in Austin, Texas USA.

The bells are made utilising the lost wax process which suggests, we produce a rubber mold from an original wooden wax, a wax copy is then made for each human body, bail and clapper. The components are then connected (sprued up) to a wax tree. To read more, consider peeping at: A temperature resistant plaster of Paris typ-e material (investment) is added around each tree in a rubber cup (this is known as investing). When the material hardens, it is taken off the cup and placed into a kiln, which reaches a temperature of 1350 F. The wax is vaporized making a plaster mold in to which molten gold is mixed, making the bells. They’re eliminated, cut in the tree and go through numerous processes prior to the 3 pieces are constructed by hand, creating a bell. Each bell is then given one last polish before being sent to our retailers.

We are currently offered in over 800 retailers in 45 states and the District of Columbia. The Bell Collection comes in every type of shop from The National Cathedral in Washington D.C. to family-owned shops in small rural towns. Thebailfirm.Com is a engaging resource for more about how to study this thing. We have been truly blessed through-out our whole trip. With an incredible staff and good stores, we continue to come up with brand new some ideas while remaining true to your mission statement.

It’s the mission of the team at Jewelry John to bring happiness into the lives of others with our art and to honor God in every our efforts by always getting God and family first, by providing prompt and courteous customer service and by making our clients trust by developing heirloom quality hand made jewelry of remarkable beauty and craftsmanship with a message that will touch peoples lives..